How to Build Backlinks

In Search Engine Optimization There are many strategies that are in a position blog page in the first page of search results. SEO strategy is needed to succeed in your blog or online business. Seo optimization is one of the ways to build backlinks. Before we discuss how to get quality backlinks, we need to understand how SEO works. Links are important in increasing visitors to the blog and so on.
Backlink is the easiest way to increase the popularity of a blog or website, If we get backlinks from sites with a higher PageRank and it will give you more value for our blog. There are several major techniques in building backlinks, among others:
  • Having Good Content 
  • Directory 
  • Social Bookmark 
  • Comments on Blog
  •  Exchanging Links or Link Exchange 
  • Join in the Forum or Community 
  • Dummy blog
Most of the above could be considered free , but careful - careful because sometimes google consider it as spam . How to get quality backlinks , is that we must learn , as this is a long term process in a blog . Indeed, this process is rather slow , but that we must do well in order to reach the first page in Google . And we also hope that our posts will remain a long time in the top position for a long time . For example, in the SEO contest , many bloggers do seo optimization strategies that blog is in the first position and last up to the SEO contest ends .

Sometimes there are hundreds of services on the Internet that promise to build thousands of links in one hour. And we asked for a fee for this, but you should friend - friend more careful - careful in your selection. How to build backlinks is an important part of SEO success , but why do not you? I really was lazy do do it .
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